2018-2019 Fee Schedule

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Presentation: Introduction to the Academic Support Index
This presentation provides both the philosophical and statistical foundation for the ASI.
Presentation: Using the Academic Support Index to improve student outcomes 
This presentation provides research-validated examples of how the ASI has been used to identify students for intervention with greater precision than other methods such as California’s LCFF Unduplicated. 
Presentation: The Academic Support Index and Your Students
This presentation will include a combination of the Introduction to the ASI along with a detailed analysis of your students’ ASI profile and their academic performance.
ASI Scoring 
Have all of your students scored on the Academic Support Index.  All ASI scoring comes with a csv file for you to upload into your student information system to build the ASI into your on-going analysis of student performance. Includes one free rescoring.
ASI Analysis
Receive a report detailing how the ASI aligns with your students’ academic outcomes.
ASI Meta-analysisReceive a report showing how your students perform relative to other students scored on the Academic Support Index. (Available soon)
Phone consultation
On-going support with using the ASI

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Academic Support Index

"A research-based tool to support 

evidence-based educational practices"

Start Using the Academic Support Index ASAP!

As a busy school, charter, or district administrator you might not have time to do the scoring and analysis to use the Academic Support Index but realize this lens for analyzing student data could immediately benefit your students.  

Stop waiting for that elusive free time to magically appear and have the scoring and analysis done for you within days.